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RaceMT Race Day Etiquette

Runners often arrive at race events with many questions.  This page is here to help you understand what happens at a RaceMT event and what is standard etiquette for all runners. If you have further questions after reading through this guide, please email us at info@racemt.com


Register EARLY!!!! Please do NOT wait until the day of or even packet pickup day (typically the day before) to register. RaceMT is a small local operation run by all volunteers.  Waiting to register until late puts undue stress on the system.  We cannot guarantee you swag when you register late because we do not buy any more than what we know we need about a week out from the event.  Shirts are ordered even earlier than that.  Keep in mind also, that we are considering eliminating late registration all together.  We ARE charging an additional fee of $5 for late registration beginning the Sunday before the event.  So please REGISTER EARLY!!  We do not cancel events based on weather.  They WILL go on, rain, wind, snow, heat or cold.  A good approach to registration is to get registered as early as possible and use your registration as your incentive to train. 

RaceMT typically has both paper mail in registration as well as Online. If you opt to do the mail in paper registration, please mail it in as early as possible so we can get you into our system. 


RaceMT events are loosely timed.. meaning we do not typically employ chip timing. We do not guarantee you a precise time. We hand time by pulling tags as you cross the finish line.  This is a labor intensive, inexact science done by volunteers where any number of things can go wrong. It is not precise in its result.  Please do not be upset if our published times for your event do not exactly match your personal timing device.  We hope to add chip timing in the future but please know it is an expensive endeavor, which is why we choose not to pass that expense on to our runners in our smaller races.  A race with 100-150 runners cannot support the cost of chip timing. 

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup is usually offered the afternoon prior to the race, as well as the morning of at the event site. Please arrive as early as possible. The folks working packet pickup are volunteers with other duties to get to. When there's a crush of people picking up packets moments before the race, it potentially delays the whole event.

Bib Numbers

  • Bib's go in FRONT!  You do not cross the finish line running backwards (usually)!  :)

  • Ensure that your bib number is visible throughout the event but particularly when you cross the finish line. We cannot get you a time if we cannot see your bib # or pull your tag. If you cross and we are struggling to get your tag, it denigrates your time as well as those finishing behind you.

  • If you are layering clothing due to weather, put the bib # on the layer you are likely to be wearing when you cross. Some people wear them on their thigh, which is perfectly fine too.

  • Pin only through the small holes on the bib. Typically there is a larger hole on one side. Do not pin through that one.

  • Don't pull off the bottom tags of your bib #. 

  • Make sure when you pick up your bib # that your information on the bottom tag is correct, as that's how we have it in our system and that's how it will be published.  Don't try to correct it at the start/finish line. 

  • RaceMT reccomends the use of bib belts for bib #'s.  They are inexpensive.  Find them online at roadrunnersports.com or other running gear sites.

  • Occasionally, online registration sites will assign a bib # at the time you register.  Please disregard this bib #.  It will not be your final number for the event. RaceMT generates our own. 

Starting Line

Line up according to your ability. If you are fast, feel free to put your toes on the start line for your blast off.  If you are not a fast runner, don't crowd the start. Move toward the middle of the crowd. If you are walking... PLEASE line up at the back.  Some people who run races are looking for a PR (personal record).  They do not want to dodge walkers at the start.


RaceMT has in the past allowed dogs at our events.  But we've had complaints about loose dogs during the races.  So beginning in 2013, we ask you to please leave your best furry friend at home. 


Please feel free to bring your munchkins in their strollers. However, please line up at the back of the pack so that stroller-less runners don't have to fight to get around you in the crush of the start line.

Ghost Runners

If you didn't pay to run the event, please don't run. It confuses our finish line stats because we record a time for you but have no information on you.  Also we typically only have enough goodies on hand at the finish line for our paid runners.  I

Running your friend in if you've already finished

its GREAT that you want to escort your friend across the finish line.  But if you have already had your tag pulled and you cross again, it really muddles up the stats.  We electronically record your time across the line but do not end up with a corresponding tag.  It makes timing even more difficult.  So please.. EXIT the course just before the finish rather than crossing the line again. 

Use another Runner's Bib

If your friend cannot run the race and you take the bib, unless you make the correction with us prior to the event (& NOT at the starting line moments before the gun!!) your friend will get the credit for the race.  We need enough time to make the change.  We cant do that at the starting line.

Run with a friend

This is a great way to run a race, but please be conscious of other runners around you and don't block the path.  Check around & make sure you move single file if there's a runner coming up behind your duo/group.


RaceMT welcomes all levels of athlete.  If you want to walk our events, please do!!  You are more than welcome!  We only ask that you be aware of the runners and not block their way. As stated above, start at the back of the pack.  Move out of their way, to the right, if they do somehow get behind you.  If you are a runner taking a walk break, please move to the right as well so you're not blocking runners behind you.

Finish Line

You've Finished!  Yeah!  Good job!! Stay in line, behind the person who finished in front of you, until we can pull your tag.  As soon as we've got your tag, clear out of the finish line area.  Go get yourself some water & snacks, enjoy your accomplishment.  We've got to keep the finish line area clear of congestion from runners and spectators so that all runners can get their tag pulled and number recorded.  Make sure your family & friends there to see you cross also stay out of the finish line area.  One aspect of our timing system is the volunteer's ability to see runners coming in so that bib #'s can be recorded.  If runners and spectators congregate at the finish line - we simply cannot see. 

Skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters, etc.

Unless it's the Tri, No wheels. If its the Tri, only bikes are allowed. 


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